How to play soccer – Soccer Rules

However, soccer rules can be deceptively simple. These Laws of the Game are still heavily based upon their predecessors from the 1860s. You can easily learn the basics by watching the Beautiful Game.

It is important to remember that soccer doesn’t have rules. Instead, it has Laws. This enigmatic term suggests that the game is very bookish, even though its Laws document is only a few pages in length compared to other sports. FIFA provides access to these rules for all players.

The mechanics of soccer are the first four Laws of the Game. These Laws of the Game describe the dimensions of the field, which can vary depending on where you are at, the ball’s circumference, the number and type of players allowed to wear them (soccer shorts, soccer socks and soccer boots/cleats), as well as what they can wear.

The powers and responsibilities for the referees as well as his assistants are outlined in laws five and six. These laws are not required in all leagues but are common in spbo live score dan prediksi  professional soccer. The laws that govern how the game starts and stops (when the referee detects an offense, when the ball is out of play or when a goal has been scored) can be found in laws seven through ten.

Next comes soccer’s offside rule. This Law is so controversial that it has its own number: 11. It can be difficult to understand the offside rule in soccer. If a player is waiting near an opponent’s goal with less than two players between them and the goalline, the ball is being played to him, it is an offside offense. This means that in 99 percent of cases, the striker will be flagged offside if there is only one goalkeeper to beat when he kicks the ball towards him. If he gets the ball onside, and then runs one to one with the goalkeeper, he has done nothing wrong and will score!

From Law 12 to 17 – the reasons why the game may be stopped due to a foul. What happens when that happens? A free-kick either direct or indirect depending on the severity; or a penalty kick one-1 with the goalkeeper). Also, how corner kicks, throw-ins and goal kicks work.

It’s easy to read the laws and grasp the basics in a matter of minutes. The best way to learn is to simply watch a soccer match with the laws in hand, and then refer to them whenever you need. In no time, you’ll be a soccer expert.

There are many forms of soccer. FIFA is the global governing body of soccer. They have the rights to set the rules for how soccer should be played. Visit the FIFA website to download a copy and get started.