All About CCNA Certification

I’ve worked my manner from the CCNA to the CCIE, and alongside the way I’ve performed process interviews and casual conversations with dozens of CCNAs and CCNA candidates. Believe me, people who “sneak by way of” the CCNA examination with the aid of braindumps, memorization, and never touching a router or transfer are QUICKLY observed out in task interviews and on the job.

The field will always need certified CCNAs. The key phrase is “certified”. How are you able to make sure you’re in reality qualified? It’s without a doubt pretty simple.

1. Use routers and switches for your have a look at, no longer simulators. Simulators are OK initially, however when you’re in the interview room and you’re taken to the community room, that simulator’s now not going to be there. Real routers and switches are. With all due appreciate to the simulators in the marketplace, they may be no longer routers and switches. Don’t fool your self.

Attend a CCNA elegance that receives you Cisco CCNA masses of time on real Cisco system. Used Cisco device is cheaper than ever. Look at it this way — you may put together a true CCNA lab that you can additionally use for CCNP have a look at for less than $1000. When you pick out to promote it, you can get half of of that back. A small funding like that will pay large dividends in your future.

2. Know binary math. Some leading CCNA books let you know to simply memorize a chart to get by way of the exam. I want I had a nickel for each CCNA that hasn’t been capable of remedy a easy subnetting problem in a task interview. Someone who doesn’t know binary math isn’t going to move some distance. Who’s going to remember that chart they memorized for the exam six months in the past?

3. Run plenty of “display” and “debug” instructions when strolling labs. These are the commands that display you what is happening “at the back of the command”. You need to know what is simply happening while you installed a command when you get requested approximately it in an interview.

These three easy points separate the real CCNAs from the ones who got lucky or braindumped their manner to achievement. By building a stable foundation of Cisco information on the CCNA level, you build the bridgework for a life-time of profession achievement. You don’t ought to have a number of activity enjoy to get a CCNA task, but you do need to clearly understand the problem be counted.

It worked for me. I went from the CCNA to the CCIE in this manner, and the conduct I advanced at the CCNA level observed me all of the manner to the top. It can appear for you, too!

Good good fortune!

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage, domestic of over 100 free certification exam tutorials, consisting of Cisco CCNA certification test prep articles. His distinctive Cisco CCNA examine manual and Cisco CCNA training is likewise available!